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I was one of those graduates who made the mistake of ignoring having my senior photos taken. There’s not much I regret, but that I do!

Senior photos are SO much more important than you might think. These are the photos that your kids will look at one day and say “Momma, you were so pretty!”, or “Dad, look at you, you were so cool!”

These photos give your family something to look at to celebrate this time in your life. Senior photos are cherished now, and forever! It’s not just about you, it’s collectively about you, those you love, and the story you tell.

You must already be one step ahead of where I was if you’re here on this blog, and you must be in the Lewiston area! So for you, in this blog, I have combined my knowledge and love of senior photography with my knowledge and love of Lewiston to help guide you to have the best senior portraits possible.

For this blog, I’ll stick to my main and brief points. For my Tea Seniors, I’ll send you a complete guide to planning your photoshoot once you book with me!


There are gorgeous places to photograph in Lewiston. The biggest thing I suggest when planning a photoshoot is picking a location that matches your personality or your ideal feel for the photos. As much as we can capture YOU, the better.

If you’re a college senior, or a high school senior planning to go to LCSC, let’s photograph the LCSC campus in the beautiful scenery in front of the old clock tower! This iconic Lewiston location says so much just within the background. Pair that with some photos along the river, and you have a dynamic senior gallery!

Lewis-Clark State College senior, lewiston senior photography, senior photography poses

Locations I reccomend:

  • Clearwater River
  • Downtown Lewiston
  • LCSC Campus
  • Kiwanis Park
  • Hells Gate State Park
  • SO many more, and if you’re down to drive, options are endless!

Keep in mind, planning the location is a team effort, so don’t be stressed! If you don’t know where to go, leave it to me. I’ll get to know your personality and needs and plan a location that will make you POP in your photos!


The season goes hand in hand with all of the things I have to say in this blog. The time of year should match who you are, what you love, and the style of portraits you want. Of course, the prime time for photos is summer and fall- but I have also had some crazy fun winter sessions!

 Lewiston senior photography, senior photography poses


There are a few key points to keep in mind when picking your clothing.

  1. Location matching – Make sure your clothing does not clash with the background. For example, if we shoot in a green field, you shouldn’t wear a green shirt. We want you to POP! So white, neutrals, or bold yellow, pink, or red could be the way to go! The same goes with city portraits, we don’t want you to blend in. We want you to POP!
  2. Outfit changes – If your session allows for multiple outfits, keep in mind what the different outfits represent. I like to suggest to my seniors that they have one fashionable/dressed-up outfit and one casual. If you have 3 outfits allowed at your session, a life hack is to make those photos more business casual! You never know when you might need a nice business portrait in the next few years. 
  3. You have an outfit coach, use her! – As your photographer, I love being involved in your senior session experience as much as possible. I’m totally down to coach you through your outfit planning! Again, I also have a guide that I give all of the Tea Seniors to coach them in detail about planning their outfits! There are lots to go into with outfit planning like textures, patterns, colors, that
Lewis-Clark State College senior, Lewiston senior photography, senior photography poses


ACNE: If you break out before your session, don’t worry at all! Don’t even worry about caking it over with makeup, either! I will take care of any blemishes in post.

POSING: It’s shocking to me how much I get asked if I know how to pose people. Of course I do! It is not up to you to study posing before our photoshoot. I will pose you in a way that will compliment you well in the photos. If you have a pose idea, let’s try it! But that responsibility does not fall on you, trust me!

LOCATION SCOUTING: As I mentioned before, I want you to be the decider of where we go. However, depending on the time of day and the lighting, the spot that we shoot will change. So don’t worry about what specific spot will look best, I will find a spot with good lighting and framing! Bad light will make the most beautiful of locations look bad, so it’s up to me to have an eye for the right spot!

WEATHER: This point could be a tad controversial. Some people will cancel a photoshoot with any slight weather challenges. But.. I don’t. Of course, if you want bright and sunny photos, but it ends up pouring rain, we can definitely reschedule. But what I want you to know is that we don’t HAVE to reschedule. Just like my last point mentioned, it is my job to work with the circumstance and find the beautiful image in any situation. Sometimes weather challenges can lead to beautiful lighting and unique images. So don’t be afraid of the weather!

Lewiston senior photography, senior photography poses

Senior Photography was the way I started photography and the way I plan on continuing it! I love celebrating that milestone with seniors and delivering photos that uplift and empower them. If you’ve been around me much, you know that our goal here is to Connect, Capture, and Create. Those 3 C’s started from senior photography a built what I LOVE doing! So please contact me with questions, or to book!

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