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I used to HATE it… I mean, after all, I am the one who takes the pictures, so why do I need to be IN them?

Whenever I was out with my friends and someone would pull their phone out of their pocket to document the moment, anxiety filled my body. How do I look? Am I posing weirdly? What if I don’t like the photo? And EVERY time I received one of those pictures after an outing, the first thing I would look at is myself. I determined whether or not the photo was good based on ME and how I looked.

Overcoming this reminded me so much about what my passion is as a photographer. This is what made me discover one of the main missions here:

I have NEVER liked being in front of the camera.

here's something funny about me..

Once you get to know me, you will quickly learn that my mind is always wildly exploring new ventures, hobbies, and ideas. I’m an adventurer at heart, so to try and describe my passions would take hours! So instead, I’ll share a story with you.

Hey there, i'm teagan!

This is also the theme of the guides my clients receive once they book with me!

“The Good Side Guide”

We all know our photogenic side, what we call our “good side” in photos. It is my job to completely strip your standards for what your “good side” is and show you just how beautiful you are at any angle.

But here’s the thing, that doesn’t solve the problem of the self-consciousness you feel when your friend pulls out their camera.. or does it? 

A friend of mine also has an eye for photography and snapped a quick photo of me. I was so nervous to be in front of the camera, but I trusted her. I knew she had the eye, but regardless of my trust for HER, I didn’t trust how I would look.

Making Every Side Your Good Side.

the mission:

I was so pleased with how I was portrayed in the photo and it made me realize something huge. Having a professional and current photo of myself brought out a general confidence when I was out with my friends. I didn’t care if I looked off, because I knew there was a photo of me somewhere that I was confident in. That is what I want to give to you.

It isn’t about looking good in every photo of yourself. It’s about living life to the fullest, not looking back on images of yourself with regret or negativity. I believe that you can best achieve that when you DO invest in professional images that capture the best of who you are. Images that capture your “good side” from every angle. I strive to help you live freely and in the moment by giving you images of yourself that you can look back on excitedly. 

I am so thankful to have that photo of myself, and even more excited that I get to provide that for others!



Music is my home away from home, or you could say it's my art away from art. Playing music allows me to be creative in a way that relaxes me. It gives me a break from my usual ways of creating and reminds me to feel and breathe.

I'm playing some tunes on my guitar..

Drives and road trips are a way for me to achieve lots of things. I could take a road trip to empty my mind, or to fill it! Mostly, I talk to myself and pray. I'm a verbal processer, so sometimes getting in my car and driving on the beautiful mountain roads of Northern Idaho is just what I need! 

I'm driving underneath the stars.

Whether it's just a day hike or a multiple-day backpacking trip, I love to explore the outdoors. Hiking is one of my favorite ways to exercise and get away from the day-to-day life. The best way to backpack? Hammock camping, for sure!

I'm exploring the mountains!

I'm definitely an extrovert, so being around friends and like-minded believers recharges me like nothing else. I love getting to laugh and cry through moments in life with people by my side. Learning about people's lives brings so much depth to my own. That's why I love photography! 

I'm fellowshipping with sweet friends.

Some people wouldn't call this my FREE time, because I mostly get work done at coffee shops. But one of the most FUN things I get to do is brainstorm projects and new ideas while sitting with a cup of coffee and a notebook. Those days bring energy and motivation back to my ever-going mind!

I'm sitting at a coffee shop.

In MY free time...


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