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With each new wedding I get to capture, my passion for this job grows! No wedding is the same as another, and each has a beautiful story to tell. 

Alexxis and Jordan’s wedding was no exception to this. Not only does their wedding have many beautiful stories, but this couple contributes to the story of my photography journey! While this wedding was so exciting to capture for its beautiful colors and the gorgeous castle, I actually want to focus on a different special story for this post about Alexxis and Jordan.

Wednesday’s bride and groom have been together since we all were sophomores in high school. While everyone else in high school was going through breakups and multiple relationships, these two stayed together. Everyone knew they were inseparable best friends. Our junior and senior years, I started to grow my small photography business. At the time it was a new hobby of mine that grew quickly into a way of also gaining some cash! 

Alexxis and Jordan hired me to take their senior, couples, and cap and gown portraits! At the time, this was my greatest session yet. I was so excited to get to capture so many important details of their lives through photography. Their relationship, their last year of high school, and the graduation gown photos that shouted, “we did it!”

Now, almost 3 years later, I was able to capture their beautiful wedding day. How all three of us have grown since then! I went to college, got my AAS, grew a passion for business, and dedicated time to growing and investing in a wedding photography business. Since graduating, God has blessed me with so many opportunities to grow and has opened the door for me to have a career that I love! Alexxis and Jordan have grown in their relationship together, hitting many milestones in life with each other. From overcoming the loss of Jordan’s beloved little sister, to purchasing a car together, and now looking towards buying a house, this couple has grown tremendously. 

As I write this and reflect on life from 3 years ago, I am excited to see where the Lord takes me 3 years from now. Alexxis and Jordan, if you are reading this, I hope you are encouraged by that, too. Look at where life has brought you since high school, and how beautiful it will be in the near future. Marriage is a sweet gift, I know you two will cherish it. Thank you both for sticking with me as your photographer, I don’t take these opportunities lightly. 

I hope you enjoy this sneak peek at this beautiful castle wedding, more coming soon! Keep scrolling to the bottom of this post to see some photos I took of Alexxis and Jordan 3 years ago! It’s so fun to look back and see how much I have grown with the camera.

You’ve made it to my old work! Alexxis and Jordan, thanks for helping me grow!

Leave a comment with any differences you notice in my photos now vs 3 years ago!

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