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John & Amber Gauthier

I couldn’t have planned for a better wedding to kick off the wedding season! John and Amber’s wedding was full of family, love, and Jesus!

John and Amber have a special story and a lovely connection. John spotted Amber working at their church and was determined to pursue her. Hearing how their relationship has beautifully grown into their marriage reminds me of Christ’s pursuit of us. Christ is determined to pursue those in His church. He loves His children and does not let them go. That is one of my favorite parts of photographing weddings; marriages are a picture of Christ and the church. John and Amber’s wedding has wonderfully displayed that.

I started my day photographing with the details. The couple decided that they didn’t want to see the rings they picked out for each other, so I did some sneaky work to capture the rings together before the ceremony! And let me just say… I LOVE these rings! The shape, style, and color of her ring fit wonderfully with Amber. (To be honest, this is my DREAM ring, haha). John’s ring is stunning as well. His ring is thick, bold, and has wonderful raw jagged details. The rings pair together so well. His is sturdy and strong, and hers is the glory of the glory!

The colors they chose for the wedding day complement the couple and their rings just as much! The burnt orange mixed with forest green has made for such a romantic wedding. They dressed in an old-fashioned style in the details.. which makes my job SO FUN! Just look at how cute these two are!

There is SO much I could go on about regarding this wedding! The weather was BEAUTIFUL! They had the ceremony at Amber’s parent’s house which was sentimental and gorgeous! The reception was full of laughter and tasty food! The bride and groom’s friends and family are so lovely! The list of wonderful things goes on and on!

But the best part of March 11th to celebrate is John and Amber. Their love for Christ radiates through their eyes and personalities. As soon as I saw the couple interact at their engagement session, I saw a perfect fit. The two love to laugh and be joyful together! They have hearts that want to serve each other, you can just tell even in their small interactions!

John and Amber, I am praying for you both and your marriage. Your wedding day was beautiful, one I will remember for a long time. Thank you for letting me capture this big day for you! You two have so many blessings ahead of you in life, marriage, and serving our gracious God!

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  1. Colleen says:

    Teagan, God has given you SUCH a gift! I’m thrilled to see what you’re letting God do through your life! I am so blessed to see this photography work, and to have seen you at two recent weddings! God bless you!!

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