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The aisle of textured rugs prepared the way for the gem of the day- Olivia. From the ground up, our eyes gaze at exceeding detail. Our irises take a journey starting at the ground- land owned by a loving family. Land that fits this wedding with its rustic and romantic environment. It’s unavoidable to wonder if the Planner knew that these trees, these rocks, were perfectly placed and purposed for this day. 

We continue our journey with our eyes, unable to take in fully the details soaking the beautiful bride. What a juxtaposition we see walking as someone with a laid-back and simple soul wears a wardrobe itching to be studied. Her shoes, her dress, her jewelry, her makeup, and her hair, all tell a story of love as her gaze is set on the rock in front of her, Josiah. 

Hands folded tightly, chest filled with air, the man of the day tries to complete what we all were unable to. He tries to fully take in the beauty as his bride walks towards him. That task seems impossible, so he accepts that her beauty will remain a mystery for him to study for the rest of his life. He sets free the air from his lungs, remembering to breathe, placing focus on the vows he is wholeheartedly ready to commit.

I’ve been to a lot of weddings, plenty of which have you feeling like your lungs are in a cage half their size. This wedding was the furthest from that truth. Maybe it was the towering trees providing us with so much oxygen- but I believe it was these people who made the day feel like full breath and exhale.

The ceremony, short and sweet, left us with enough beauty to entertain our minds for hours. So. Many. Beautiful. Details. Yet, the wedding was still so simple.

The arch, built by Olivia’s grandfather and officiant of the wedding, was rugged and laced with details of beautiful boho design. Lights wrapped overtop the heads of the bride and groom, framed in by grasses, candles, vases, and textures so captivating. 

This scene reminds me of our Creator. He gives us this beautiful world, yet not enough time to take in all of its beauty. That is not a bad thing, though. It is a gift. Similarly, this ceremony is a gift that we cannot fully take in the beauty of.

As the simple boho wedding day continues, we see more craftsmanship from the family as they celebrate Josiah and Olivia’s wedding day. As my words fall short of capturing the love this day holds, I hope to share a glimpse of that day through a sneak peek into their wedding gallery.

Josiah and Olivia, I can see why God brought the two of you together. From the little bit, I have gotten to know about you, you don’t need the crazy adventures or thrill. You just want each other. You’re more than content to be right next to your other half. That steadiness will bring your marriage far. Thank you for working with me to capture your wedding day!

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