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If there is one thing I know for certain, it’s that this wedding day will be one of many highlights in the lives of Taylor and Chantel. The hearts of these two adventurers won’t allow for this day to be the only highlight. They strive to make the most of any moment and share goals to see the world. 

I learned this about them when Chantel and I first chatted on the phone. “Can we travel to your town for our engagement photos?” she asked with utmost excitement in her voice. On a whim, Chantel thought that traveling 5 hours for her engagement session would be just amazing. I agreed, and the adventure began!

After their long day of traveling, I met these two and immediately could see the love between them. Radiating with the love of Jesus, they told their story with grins ear to ear. I thought at that moment, “I can’t WAIT to photograph their wedding”!

Contrary to what you might think, adventurers typically have the most chill weddings. 

This beautiful Nampa country wedding was elegant and peaceful. Simplicity was the goal, which allowed the guests to enjoy the picture of a new covenant without the typical wedding distractions. As the day moved quickly, many moments captured the hearts of all of us. 

As I was photographing the first dances, I noticed that the groom, Taylor, and his mom were facing away from the crowd. As they danced, they swayed back and forth, Taylor holding his mom gently and soberly. I positioned myself to prepare for them to turn towards the crowd, but they never did.

I left my station to capture their faces, wondering why they weren’t facing the guests. As I came around them, I noticed the sweet moment happening between this mother and son that brought tears to my eyes.

As he held her, tears rolled down their face. While I don’t know their relationship, this moment showed years of love and growth between these two. This sweet mom got to hold her son one last time before letting him into the arms of another woman, trusting that God will provide for her son. How amazing.

Many more picture-perfect moments happened throughout this day, but by far the most eye-catching was this sunset dance between Taylor and Chantel. The groom twirled his bride around, allowing her dress to open and catch the glisten of the golden hour glow. It was a moment we all could have let last forever, but as the sun’s timer was coming short, we looked at the two in awe.

Taylor and Chantel, I feel so blessed to have photographed your wedding. When your friends and family talk about you, they can’t do it without mentioning your love for God. I hope that together, you will get to leave a legacy for Christ through the course of your marriage and many adventures!

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