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The Simple Beauty of The Foggy Rock Beach

Kamiah, Idaho

How can a color of gray have a tone so weighty, so bold, that its color sinks into your soul?

Thousands of smooth stones cradle the cold quiet river. She takes a step and wrestles with balance as the rocks shift beneath her. Once they’ve found their place, her foundation is sturdy and she takes another step. She hesitates to look up and her eyes diligently observe for her next foot landing. 

While you could say she wouldn’t see much by parting her eyes from the ground, I’d have to oppose. Surrounded by layers of a cold fog dulling the opacity of her surroundings, she cannot see far ahead. But to look up to see the river disappear into an unknown mist is a simple beauty worth observing. 

Simple beauty. I hope to take more photos in locations filled with this kind of beauty. I don’t need all of the colorful trees and pathways leading to barns and bricks. The simplicity of the cold smooth stones contrasting the white of the fog, tells a story that leaves the viewer in wonder.

This little chunk of the river, known as “Rock Beach” to its lovely locals, is ever changing and alive. If you need a location that tells a story, yet highlights you and YOUR story, here is the simple beauty you’re looking for in Kamiah, Idaho.

Here are some photos from a couple of my recent photoshoots at the Rock Beach.

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