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Idaho Home Wedding

“What is an embarrassing story you know about the bride and groom?”

As I walked around the reception tables capturing the joyous celebration of the marriage between Cody and Marnie, I asked this question. Typically, I have to be careful when I ask this, otherwise, I might hear stories that I don’t want to know! But this time, the responses were so surprising, yet fitting for the character of these sweet newlyweds. 

Family and friends couldn’t tell me an embarrassing story, but almost instinctively spoke about the good and tender qualities in Cody and Marnie. “Embarrassing stories” weren’t relevant in the minds of loved ones, and not because the bride and groom didn’t have those stories, but because their qualities outweighed the impact of anything that might be silly enough to dwell on. 

These responses stuck in my heart as an important way to remember this wedding day, along with another very special moment: the beginning of the ceremony. 

As the day was blessed with a burst of cool sunshine, we all patiently waited for the woman of the day to walk down the aisle. Before her, a young flower girl prepared her way with pedals and an excitement that could not be contained. I’ve seen many flower girls, but this young lady was by far the most confident and joyous! Her hands reached for large handfuls of pedals as her smile widened and her eyes sparkled. She was an absolute joy!

It wasn’t long after that the big moment would come. As the bride and her father began to approach the aisle, we saw something precious. The groom caught a glimpse of his beautiful bride, the love of his life, and couldn’t contain that joy. As tears rolled down his face, his brother laid a hand on his back, and his woman continued towards him. This was the moment he had been waiting for. 

They spoke vows from their hearts and gazed far into the eyes of each other. This wasn’t just a beautiful time of vows, but a wonderful display of the character that was mentioned by their friends and family. Their vows aligned with who they were as tender people, loving partners, committed friends, and a treat for all to know. 

Cody and Marnie, I hope you love these photos as much as I do. Thank you for bringing me along to capture your wedding day- the full gallery is to come!

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