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Blackman Family Session

Any photoshoot that I get to travel for almost automatically becomes one of my favorites! Getting to experience different backgrounds and locations helps my creativity stay alive! Not to mention, I am an adventurer at heart and trips like this are sooo refreshing for me.

This photoshoot was just that and much more. Haley Idaho is a beautiful place with beautiful people- like this family! And guess what…. they are MY family- in Christ and my cousins!

That is what I love about photography, it’s a tool to build, connect, and give in relationships. As a photographer, I know that wherever my camera goes, there are opportunities to bless people with images that highlight the beauty in their lives. If you are a photographer, I encourage you to use your camera as a tool to bless! There is so much joy in it!

To expand on that point just a bit, think of what photographs end up meaning to people. There is a freedom in photography to bless by carrying your camera with you and noticing when someone might enjoy a moment locked in with a photograph. Never hesitate to give, your camera is a tool that goes beyond the pixels and can reach the hearts of friends.

Katey and her family hired me for their family photo updates. This photoshoot was more than pictures- it was a time to connect, catch up, and capture the Blackman family just as they are! They are a family that laughs, goes on adventures, dreams, relaxes, and I am so blessed to have the equipment to capture that in these photos.

All throughout our evening together, this sweet little boy spoiled us with his adorable smiles and noises! Although this Idaho weather is weird, we found some perfect locations for warm family portraits. Seriously though Idaho.. snow, leaves, sunshine- we got fall, winter, spring, and summer all in one session!

As I’ve finished the editing and delivered the gallery, it is moments like this that I’m most excited for my future photoshoots. Until the next adventure, I hope you enjoy a glimpse into this young family’s love!

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