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The Simple Beauty of The Foggy Rock Beach Kamiah, Idaho How can a color of gray have a tone so weighty, so bold, that its color sinks into your soul? Thousands of smooth stones cradle the cold quiet river. She takes a step and wrestles with balance as the rocks shift beneath her. Once they’ve […]

The Simple Beauty of The Foggy Rock Beach

Idaho Photoshoot Location Ideas

Best Photoshoot Locations in Northern Idaho

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Idaho Home Wedding “What is an embarrassing story you know about the bride and groom?” As I walked around the reception tables capturing the joyous celebration of the marriage between Cody and Marnie, I asked this question. Typically, I have to be careful when I ask this, otherwise, I might hear stories that I don’t […]

Idaho Home Wedding

Wedding Photography

Golden hour veil photography, Nampa Idaho.

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This beautiful Nampa Country wedding will capture your heart!

Golden Nampa Country Wedding

Wedding Photography

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This beautiful forest wedding was full of love and rustic detail. “The ceremony, short and sweet, left us with enough beauty to entertain our minds for hours.”

A Simple Forest Wedding | Grangeville, Idaho

Wedding Photography

Bohemian outdoor wedding Grangeville idaho

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Wedding planning is stressful. Here we discuss a common mistake brides make when planning their wedding, and it’s not what you might think!

When Wedding Planning Gets Stressful, Lewiston Idaho

Wedding Photography

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I was one of those graduates who made the mistake of ignoring having my senior photos taken. There’s not much I regret, but that I do! Senior photos are SO much more important than you might think. These are the photos that your kids will look at one day and say “Momma, you were so […]

Senior Photoshoot Planning in Lewiston, Idaho

Senior Photography

Lewis-Clark State College senior, lewiston senior photography, senior photography poses

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Blackman Family Session Any photoshoot that I get to travel for almost automatically becomes one of my favorites! Getting to experience different backgrounds and locations helps my creativity stay alive! Not to mention, I am an adventurer at heart and trips like this are sooo refreshing for me. This photoshoot was just that and much […]

Capturing Family

Family Photography

father and son photography family photoshoot ideas

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John & Amber Gauthier I couldn’t have planned for a better wedding to kick off the wedding season! John and Amber’s wedding was full of family, love, and Jesus! John and Amber have a special story and a lovely connection. John spotted Amber working at their church and was determined to pursue her. Hearing how […]

A Timeless Home Wedding

Wedding Photography

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With each new wedding I get to capture, my passion for this job grows! No wedding is the same as another, and each has a beautiful story to tell.  Alexxis and Jordan’s wedding was no exception to this. Not only does their wedding have many beautiful stories, but this couple contributes to the story of my […]

An Elegant Castle Wedding

Wedding Photography

Elegant wedding photography, golden hour photography

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Why you should travel to your next photoshoot location! One of the biggest stressors that people have when planning their photoshoot is deciding what location they want to have their photos taken at. Location affects a lot of different aspects of a photo. It affects the background, the lighting, the style, and one of the […]

Why You Should TRAVEL for Your Photoshoot

Photoshoot Planning

Couple posing with guy holding girl for couples photoshoot in snowy forest.

"Contacting Teagan was very easy; she made me a priority and asked all the right questions. On the wedding day, I loved al of the poses and she gave a lot of encouragement while photographing! I could not have asked for a better photographer!"

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